Love Beyond Words

In Honor of Mother’s Day – A Poem from Your Non-Verbal Sons
by Tim Paauw on behalf of Nolan & Evan Paauw
Dedicated to Laura Paauw

mothers day 2019

I may be limited in my ways,
to express my love and praise.
But you know as only a mother can,
I consider myself mama’s little man.

In my silence, my heartbeat can be heard,
It has it’s own language with LOVE in each word.
When my eyes wander or I look lost as I ponder,
I know my mom is with me, no thoughts go beyond her.

I might be quiet and seen by many as an autistic label,
But you see me as more, helping me believe I am able.
You see my talents, interests and those things that make me pure boy,
Opening doors of opportunity encouraging friendships, filling me with joy.

When I break something or leave my toys all over the place,
You are patient, helping, and express love by the look on your face.
Thank you for your grace and taking each step with me.
I know for a fact that I need you for all my life’s journey.

You have taught me to grow and stretched me to know,
Jesus and others love me as you have often told me so.
I want you to hear so loud and clear and in so many ways,
I don’t have the words, but I love you now and will always!

mothers day evan

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