incl US ion – Autism Awareness

by Tim Paauw 4.1.19 We are your typical family of five living in the Midwest region of the U.S.A. For some that know our family well, you may be surprised with my use of the word 'typical' in that last sentence. Allow me a chance to explain... Here is how I view us as a [...]

My Love Note to Laura

by Tim Paauw 7/8/18  I remember vividly holding hands with you, the love of my life, and walking through the sparkler-filled tunnel of our favorite people at the end of our perfect evening. I can still see family and friends holding their sparklers and smiling with us as though that moment happened in slow motion [...]

We are “that” family… Pa’auwtism’ Awareness

April 2, 2018 by Tim Paauw Our family is quite unique. What do I mean by that?... Rule #1 with Autism Awareness: When you have met someone with autism... you have met ONE PERSON with autism. Since our two sons have been diagnosed, if you have met our family - you have met two individuals [...]